AL-MODAINEH(Sewage Treatment Plant)

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Al-Modaineh/Basrah/ Iraq

Project: Sewage Treatment Plant (MBBR + Turbo reactor)  

Capacity: 10,178 m3 /day

   WMV awarded in 2015 for implementation of one sewage treatment plant and execution of sewage network in Basrah province in Iraq. Al-Modaineh wastewater treatment plant has been designed in one separate phases whereas first phase capacity has been calculated based on population growth in next 12.5 years.

Also, the capacity of future average wastewater treatment plant will be 10,178 m3 /day. This plant has been designed to handle and treat different pollution caused by human activity and not industrial activity. This plant consists of equalization tank, inlet channel, screening room, grit and oil removal chamber, biological treatment section (MBBR + Bioreactor) and etc.

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