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    Desalination is the fastest growing solution which offered to overcome the water crisis and drought nature such as salinization of groundwater. WMV has expanded the technical knowledge of this technology since the beginning of the new millennium AD and today, together with its global competitors, offers the following solutions to its customers:

    • Sustainable desalination of seawater with solar energy
    • Desalination of highly saline groundwater
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
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    Sustainable development is a global movement for survival on Earth, and large industries are pioneering this massive movement in line with their social responsibilities. WMV has joined this global movement with the knowledge of industrial wastewater management and treatment along with large industries by offering the following solutions.

    • Comprehensive effluent management of large industries
    • Reduction, separation and treatment of industrial wastewater
    • Filtration with discharge standards to the collection network
    • Industrial wastewater treatment and extraction
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    Based on the technical knowledge and experiences that obtained by our engineers during the decades, WMV proposed the best chemical solution for RO systems which include:

    • Anti-scalant
    • Membrane biocide
    • Membrane cleaners
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    Recycling of industrial wastewater and return of water to industry is one of our most advanced technologies, which is presented to large industries as follows:

    • Production of circulating water from industrial effluents
    • Production of ion-free DM water from wastewater
    • Production of cooling water from industrial wastewater
    • Production of service water from wastewater
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    Relying on technical knowledge of a wide range of advanced processes, WMV, as one of the pioneers of water purification Technology Company, is able to offer the following solutions in this field to a wide range of its costumers:

    • Drinking water of Cities
    • Circulating water of power plant complexes
    • Water service of refining and petrochemical complexes
    • Process water of industrial and mineral complexes